Large Diameter Pipe

Large Diameter Pipe Large Diameter Pipe
  • Unique Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRP) Pipe Technology.
  • All of the benefits of smooth bore polyethylene pipe with the structural strength of steel.
  • Slimline pipes and joints enable pipes to be laid in narrower trenches, requiring less excavation and backfill material.
  • Unique Push-Fit Spigot and Socket Joints are simple and quick to lay, with complete confidence.
  • Available in 13 different diameters from 600mm to 2250mm and in 3m or 6m standard lengths.
  • High quality Tanks and Chambers and Attenuation systems also available, with no concrete surround required.
  • Pipes, Tanks and Joints are WRc Approved and fully tested in accordance with all relevant European Standards.
  • SRP pipes weigh 5% of the weight of concrete pipes and can therefore be easily and safely handled by much smaller plant with no risk of damage to existing road/pavement surfaces.
  • On average, SRP pipe contains 23% recycled material.
  • SRP pipe is 100% recyclable.
  • Significant Health and Safety benefits derived from handling pipes that on average weigh 20times less than concrete pipes.

Large Diameter Pipe Large Diameter Pipe Large Diameter Pipe